Friday, May 7, 2010

Wow, it's May!

I've been meaning to do a big post for a while, but our computer broke. Matt said it's the motherboard so I guess that is bad news. It's the desktop that broke, so thankfully we do still have a laptop we can use. I haven't figured out how to upload my pictures on this computer yet though, and I don't want the kids using it since Carrie is so rough, so we're really missing the other one. Little Matt woke up yesterday and told me he had had a dream that the computer was working again and he came down and played a computer game all by himself, lol. Poor guy!

Other than our technology issues we are having a great spring. It has been so warm that the kids have been in tank tops and sandals for at least a month....that is so unlike Connecticut! We play outside a lot now which keeps everybody happy. We are also busy with swim, dance, gymnastics, trips to the children's museum, and storytime at the library.

As for me, I graduate from college one week from today! I actually finished in December, but on the 15th I will be doing the whole cap and gown thing. My parents are coming up from North Carolina for that, so we are looking forward to seeing them as well. Then in June I get to continue the celebration when all my student loans come out of deferment, lol.

I'm 30 weeks pregnant now, and Baby Katy is continuing to do well. I'm ridiculously big, but still pretty comfortable overall. My blood pressure has been iffy, so they are keeping and eye on that, and her fluid was also a bit low at my ultrasound yesterday. I want to worry about that - but won't the worrying be bad for my BP? In any case, yay for 30 weeks! My FFN test was negative yesterday so I guess that buys me at least another two weeks. I think she is going to be one big girl!

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

30 weeks!!! Try to be very careful about protein. Eat atleast 80 - 100 grams a day, salt your food to taste and perhaps look into garlic supplements. Let me know if this helps and if if doesn't also let me know. Those are just the first big things to do with blood pressure. If you start to notice some swelling try to go swimming in a pool you can fully submerge in along with the above "stuff". HA HA

It is sooooo normal for this time of year and this is going to be a hot one for pg women to need more salt and water as we are sweating MORE. So be sure you are drinking LIKE crazy so baby can pee out more fluid for its little swimming pool.

HUGS! Now make it 5 more weeks. ;)

Congrat's on your cap and gown moment. Wish I could be there.