Friday, February 26, 2010

Busy Friday!

Friday's are always our busy days, as Beth and Matt have dance lessons in the morning, and swim lessons in the afternoon. Today we added a birthday party in the early evening. All was well except it will just not stop raining/snowing/sleeting. It really has been days. The snow I usually like, but this weather is just wet and gross. Only another month till spring, right?? Well...maybe two more months here in Connecticut. The party was 45 minutes away, and it took us quite a bit longer than that to slowly drive home behind 100 cars and two snowplows. We made it safely though...I guess with all that plowing the roads were in pretty good shape!

Matt got a new camera for us this week (our old one has been on it's last leg for a looong time)so I took a few pictures of our activities.

My little dancers

Swim lessons...Matt is doing so so well! I am really proud of the progress he has made. Beth is less sure of herself - but hey, she didn't cry this week!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New books

The weather outside is pretty dreary, but we had a nice day. I took the kids by their daycare to visit their teachers and friends today. They haven't been back since I started staying home with them two months ago and they loved it. I felt a little bad because Carrie clearly thought she was going to be staying there and just had a big time with her friends. It was good to see everybody. The kids went there three years, and I also worked there over the summer, so I know a lot of the kids and have seen them grow over the years.

After that we went to Chuck E Cheese. As much as I hate Chuck E Cheese weekend parties, I love going on weekday mornings. It is empty, and for $10 I can get the kids fifty tokens and let them play away. Perfect for a rainy day!

This afternoon we hit up the Goodwill and I found a whole pile of great books to use with Beth...lots of science and social studies material. And $1 each...can't beat that!

I also got a new storage container for all these new purchases, some toys the kids grabbed, books for myself, and a little stuffed dog for Carrie. Carrie's very favorite lovey is this corderoy cat that she got from her great grandma as a baby. I have never seen another like it. This little dog is it's match though.....she was SO excited to see it! And it was only like fifty cents!

At home Beth spent some time with this workbook that her Grammy got her. I wasn't even in the room for this...she got it all out, figured out what to do, and completed it herself! Isn't she smart? It made me laugh, because she said she didn't know what the pictures of the rug or top were, so she just wrote B for both.

Meanwhile Little One #3 helped me with the laundry...she placed herself in charge of underwear as you can see. She decided to wear Beth's and stuffed all of Matt's in Beth's dresser.

Monday, February 22, 2010

TV Time!

Aren't they cute? Seeing this picture has me wondering what color the new baby's hair will be....

I had my Level 2 ultrasound with the high risk docs today. The baby looked good and was growing well. That stubborn little one crossed it's legs and wouldn't let us get a peek at the gender the whole time though. They really tried for me too...but nothing! I have to go back in two weeks, so hopefully we'll find out then. I am changing my guess to girl! Poor Matt Warren if I am right...he'll be so out numbered!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Preschool Corner

This is our little preschool area. Matt collected all of my school materials, as well as the kids' craft supplies, and moved them into this cabinet for me. Before I had about eight different places I kept them - and I was sure to shove a huge pile of posters and crafts into the garage or laundry room just before people came over. I really like this setup...Matt is so organized. At least one of us is!

The posters and things that wouldn't fit are slid in on the left side.

We do a lot of arts and crafts here...

It's Saturday!

We are enjoying the sunshine today, even though it is definitely still winter out there.

We finally got our tax return (woohoo!) so I ordered Beth's school things for next year. We went with McRuffy Press Phonics/Language Arts and Math programs. It seems pretty basic, which is just what we need with the move and new baby both coming soon. I can't believe I am going to be a mom of a kindergartner! It seemed like they'd be babies forever...

We also bought this for our three little monkeys. is in my living room, lol. Can you tell we have cabin fever?


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Family Update

I know, I know, I'm terrible at keeping this thing up to date! In any case, I always have a lot to write about by the time I sit down to do so.

I guess are biggest news this month is that we've got orders! Yes, our four years in Connecticut are coming to a close. It really has flown by sooo fast. I know I'm going to cry when we leave...which is shocking since I hated it here the whole first year, lol. We'll always have lots of fond memories of this place though. After all we moved here with one baby girl, and will be leaving with four kids! This will always be the place where we had our little babies and watched them grow. And the place where Matt worked thirty hours a week and life was good, lol.

Anyway, our newest adventure will be taking up to Keesler Air Force Base down in Mississippi. Only for about eight months though, during which time Matt be attending a weather school. Afer that (Summer of 2011) we will move on to Suitland, Maryland (right outside of Washington D.C.) where we will spend the next four years. We are excited! We are also happy that we don't have to move sometime till around October or November though, which is later than we had thought. Now we get to spend another wonderful summer in Connecticut, and don't have to make some huge move with a brand new baby.

Speaking of the baby, I am 18 weeks along now. All is going well. I feel great, getting fat, the usual! Hopefully we'll found if it's a boy or a girl soon. We're hoping for a boy to make it an even two and two. Matt is my absolute favorite boy though, he just really cracks me up and is full of cuddles. I guess it wouldn't be too bad to have just him and a houseful of girls! He loves the girls in any case and doesn't mind being with his sisters 24/7.

Miss Beth is 5 now (and Carrie is 2) so we are thinking about kindergarten. Wow, when did that happen?? I'll be teaching her at home, while we move all over the country, so I've picked out some materials to get her started. She likes sitting and working quietly, and has always loved books, so I think teaching her is going to be really easy. As for Matt...look out world! We'll get to him next year, lol. He's very bright though, which is a plus since he's a wild and crazy guy. He often runs around jumping on the furniture and racing his cars while I work with Beth, and then later on I realize he has in fact listened and learned a lot of her lesson.