Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bunk beds!

These are three happy little kids! Beth is sleeping on the top bunk, Matt on the bottom bunk, and Carrie in the little firetruck bed. I am a little nervous actually leaving them alone with the beds, but so far they have been very good about following the rules concerning the top bunk. We are slowly emptying Matt's bedroom out, and will then use that as the room to keep our luggage and cats in when the house is being packed up. We have just three more weeks here! I am very much in "move mode" now and am making one last decluttering sweep through the whole house.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Tyson Family News

-We have just five weeks left in Mississippi! We already have the address of our new home too, so I am pretty stoked about that. We will be living on Bolling AFB right in Washington DC. Right now I am busy doing some major decluttering. We will be living in the city, and will not have the same space that we are used to. If we don't use it all the time, or we don't love it, then it is out the door.

-Matt and Beth have learned to swim and learned to ride their bikes without training wheels. Both of them! I can't believe how grown up they are getting. We took the training wheels off just this morning and they both rode away - with no lessons and no falls. I'm impressed really. :)

-Katy is walking well now, and I bought her very first pair of shoes today. A five wide. She has fat little feet just like her brother and sisters did. At least she can fit into a regular wide, which means I can buy her shoes at Payless. Little Matt wore a double wide as a baby, which required $50 shoes from Stride Rite. She also is on the verge of getting her first tooth, and she is so fussy. Poor baby girl! She takes after the others in that aspect as well. Beth was 11 months when she got her first tooth, Matt was 18 months, and Carrie was 15 months. It no longer even seems odd! It does seem odd when I see babies half her age sporting toothy little smiles already.

-We have added two kitten babies to our family. Their names are Tunsas and Waffles, and they are cute cute cute! They join big brothers Romeo (11) and Eric (1 1/2.) Just what we needed right? Four kids and four cats! I find myself asking "What's that smell?" about ten times a day now.