Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What a week

This week has been one marked by sadness. A little boy from our base was killed in an accident...only six years old. His family has been weighing heavily on my heart this week. Such a sweet boy, and oh so young. I told the kids the sad news, and that same evening we found a baby bird that had fallen from it's nest and died on our patio. My daughter asked me if the bird was in heaven...with the little boy. And were they lonely without their mothers. I told her no, our time on earth is so incredibly short compared to our eternities with God. It would be like arriving in Heaven one day, and then your family arriving the very next. And in the meantime those who have gone before you, like loving grandparents, are already there waiting. That seemed like an acceptable answer to her. It just touched my heart how her first concern would be that he would be lonely. I know that is not the case, and I am thankful that our children are watched over by their Heavenly Father in addition to their earthly parents.

Of course last night added the tragedy of the tornadoes in Oklahoma. The first news report showed an elementary school that had just been completely swept away. While the children and teachers were still inside, hunkering down for the storm. As of right now the recovery work continues at that school, along with the entire surrounding area. I just can't imagine a greater tragedy than losing your child. I have seen how the loss of one little boy has touched so many in our area, and then I think of that loss multiplied so many times for this community in Oklahoma.

I guess at times like this there is nothing to do but pray, and to reach out to your fellow humans. Our church here is working on getting a recovery effort towards Oklahoma already, as are many other organizations and individuals. And of course there is always a constant need in local communities as well. For shelter, for help, for understanding and companionship....

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Awanas wrap up

The kids have now completed their third year of Awanas. As of September I will have one child in T&T, two in Sparks, and one new little Cubbie. Katy is so excited to finally be old enough to join in. I guess that is the fate of the baby in a family...so many years spent watching and waiting for her turn.

Miss Beth was our Sparkies graduate. Over the past three years she has learned over 150 Bible verses.
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there. I received a wide assortment of homemade treasures from the kids this year. Cards, artwork, potted plants, poems... What a luck mother I am.
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In other news, Matt lost his first tooth last night. He is seven years old.
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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Family Day :)

Today was supposed to be another baseball day, but thanks to thunderstorms last night both games were canceled. Instead, we spent a nice morning on the couch in our pajamas watching a Harry Potter movie. We didn't get the call that the 8:30 game was canceled until we were all up and had had breakfast, but that is as far as we made it. Matt works some weekends, and most weekends we are busy, so it was nice just having a morning to relax and hang out together.

After lunch we rode into town for a "Pet Expo" a local kennel was having. And I use the word "kennel" loosely. I really mean a hotel for pets that is nicer than any hotel for people that we stay at. It is PLUSH. I'm sure we will just stick with paying a sitter to come feed our kitties once a day when we are out of town. In any case, the expo was a lot of fun. They had dogs performing tricks, police dogs, a kids' area with crafts, plus all kinds of pet rescues. The kids bonded with a very sweet little black puppy, who was wearing an "Adopt Me" bandanna. They loved him, and he loved them too. I can totally see an energetic puppy fitting in around here in the Tyson zoo. In a rare example of self control I didn't bring a puppy home though. We certainly have enough pets as it is. And this little boy looked like he was a pit bull mix, and unfortunately with Matt being in the military and current breed restrictions we just can't go there. But oh was he cute. Maybe in a few years. Eleven years of marriage and we are still a cat family. They are just so much easier. I think I need a farm. Beth has wanted to raise a goat for 4-H for years. Yes...a farm would be the ticket. Maybe once we move back to Mississippi.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Sweet Spring Days...

These are the days of picnics after preschool, long afternoons in the backyard and down by the bay, and evening baseball games times two.

Yesterday Beth's team had their fist victory of the season. It was sweet indeed! She played as pitcher half the game, and came up to bat three time and hit three singles. Success! Matt and Carrie are on the same team this year, which makes life a little easier for me. Matt has matured so much, and really gets into the games this year. He made an awesome first baseman this week. Little Miss Carrie is nothing but pure cuteness in her xx-small uniform that is still too big. She has no clue what is going on, but at 5 1/2 she fits right in.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Class of 2026

Yes, sweet little Carrie has come to the end of her preschool years. She will embark on a new journey this fall. Carrie is a true military brat, and at age five is living in her fourth home. She takes things in stride and is just one happy girl. We have been in this area long enough for her to be able to attend two years of preschool on the Air Force base. She went two mornings a week as a three year old, and three mornings a week this past year. Both years it was the same two teachers and many of the same kids. I truly have loved her preschool experience, as has she. The kids all have grown together, attended each other's birthday parties, and stayed at each other's homes when they needed a sitter. They've said goodbye to friends who have gotten orders and welcomed new friends. They've been through deployments and remote tours, and welcomed new baby brothers and sisters. As preschool comes to a close this month, it seems that most of the class is moving on to new places. They are literally headed all over the world. Thank goodness for the Internet, as I'd love to keep track of all the friends we've made here. Miss Carrie will have two years (or should anyway...you just never know!) of elementary school here in Maryland before our next set of orders come. She is very excited about her next step.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm baaaack!

Wow, it has been a while. I have had some issues with blogger lately which resulted in a nice long break. Here I am though...I am going to give this blogging thing another shot.

Well, a lot has changed since February. The biggest thing is that we have moved. We left the Air Force base and moved into a rental about thirty minutes away. It has been a huge change for us. None of my kids have lived anywhere but on base before. We've been on five bases in the last ten years. We just had so many issues on Andrews though. The house was run down, people had no respect for our property, packs of kids and teens just roamed the base getting into trouble, and the school system wasn't good. Yes...it took a LOT to get us to actually pick up and move.

Our new house is lovely. It is right on the Chesapeake Bay. We can see the bay from our house, and can walk down to it in about half a block. There is neighborhood pier we can use. That is our favorite thing about the new place...the water access. My kids love nothing more than running down to' the water and going on "their" pier. We only have three bedrooms, but they are so big. I guess I am used to military housing. Only on base when you have a 1200 square foot four bedroom house. This house is about 2000 square feet. Little Matt is growing up, so we gave him his own room for the first time. The three girls share the other bedroom. It really is plenty big for all three of them though....I will post pictures soon. Matt's room is the same size, and seems massive with just one kids. It is painted and decorated, and I think he has about the coolest room of any kid I've ever met. He is one lucky boy!

Big change #2 is that we put Beth and Matt in public school. I was enjoying homeschooling them, but the district we live in now is fantastic, so we decided to give the local school a try. So far it is working out really well. It is just a nice small town school. The bus picks them up (even though the school is 1/2 mile away they don't have them walk because there are no sidewalks) and the driver knows them by name, jokes around with them, and keeps a close eye on them. The principal is great, I like their teachers, and the school has plenty of resources to provide "extras" like art, pe, music, and even field trips. B is still at the top of her class, but there are other kids right there with her, and they are able and willing to teach her at her level. Matthew is also doing well, and loves being out and about. He is Mr. Social!

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