Friday, June 24, 2011

What a great list!

How to Ruin Your Kids for Life

by Tricia Goyer

1. Give your kid everything he wants. Don’t deny what will truly make him happy. Overvalue money and things in his eyes.

2. Dress your child in designer clothes, no matter the cost. Show her that her outward appearance matters most of all.

3. Place your child’s needs over those of your spouse. If she cries, run to her immediately. If she interrupts, give her your full attention.

4. Entertain your child throughout the day. If she wants to play tea, put your plans aside. If she wants to watch her favorite movie for the hundredth time, forget your idea for going for a walk and getting some sunshine.

5. Plan your menu around your child’s desires. No child should have to eat something he doesn’t like. If, by chance, you want to make something other than macaroni and cheese or peanut butter and jelly, feel free to cook your own meal, just as long as you have time to fix what your child likes.

6. Sign your child up for as many extracurricular activities as she desires, even if it means giving up your evening plans on a regular basis. Don’t worry about trying to gather around the dinner table either. He can only be in the junior soccer league for so long, and you don’t want him to miss out.

7. Don’t discipline your child when she acts up. Everyone should learn to express herself in her own way. If she demands something, then applaud her efforts. At least you know that she will not be a pushover or a doormat in this world.

8. Don’t worry when your child fights with neighbor kids or even when he is a bully. Life is not fair, and someone always has to be the underdog. At least your child is learning to elbow his way to the top at a young age.

9. When your child has a disagreement with her teacher, always choose your child’s side. Don’t show up when the teacher wants to discuss your child’s problems. The teacher will want to take a course of disciplinary action and that’ll hurt your child’s feelings.

10. Don’t share your faith with your child. After all, you don’t want to offend. Let your child decide if she wants to hear Bible stories. And don’t pressure her to memorize Scripture verses. She might get disheartened if she doesn’t get it right the first time and you’ll ruin her self-esteem. More than that, you don’t want her to know there’s a God who runs the universe, makes the rules, and determines eternity. The thought is too hard, and your child might not understand. More than that, she won’t be self-dependent and strive to be a good person.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Birthday Post

Katy Ann is officially a toddler! She turned one year old on June 13, and took her first steps that same day. It was a picture perfect finish to a fantastic year.

The best word to describe Katy at a year old is busy. This girl is here, there, and everywhere. I should be used to after four kids I guess, but my other two daughters were always happy to sit and play in one place. She is more like her brother Matt - always exploring and on the go! We have had to really revamp our childproofing efforts these past few months. She is also a stubborn little girl. Everything she does just has such determination behind it. I can't wait to see the person she grows up to be!




Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Update

I can't believe we are already well into June! Our summer has been going well, and the kids are keeping me plenty busy. My husband's work schedule has changed, leaving me with even more mommy/kid hours. It's not been bad though. As the days have gone by, we have gotten into our summer groove I think. We have just eight weeks left in Mississippi before our big move to Washington DC. We go on with our day to day life here, but the move is never far from my mind.

Beth and Matt are taking swim lessons this summer, and I'm really pleased with how they are both doing. Matt is the better swimmer...he has always been my water baby. Beth is getting more confident and making a lot of progress as well though.

Carrie is spending most of her time with our new family members - two little kittens. One we named Tunsas, and the other is named Waffles. Just what I needed - four kids and four cats! As soon as Carrie wakes up she runs downstairs to find her kitties, and then all we hear for the next hour is her giggling and their little feet bouncing around my house.

Katy is getting ready for her birthday....which is tomorrow! My six year old Beth sighed last night and said "I can't believe Katy is turning one....time just goes by so fast." I guess she has been picking up my thought process. A birthday post will be coming soon.

We managed to get away for a camping trip this weekend. It was our first camping experience with kids in tow, and I think it went pretty well. This was real camping...just a tent in the woods and the things we brought with us. We were on the banks of a creek, and we spent most of our time swimming and trying to stay out of the heat. We all had a good time, but I think we've decided that Katy is just too young. It was impossible to keep her clean and dry. I don't ever mind my kiddos playing in the dirt, but I enjoy giving them a bath at the end of the day. By then end of day one she was just covered in dirt from her head to her toes, was damp and sweaty, and was putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. All the big kids on the other hand did fantastic! I think when Katy is three (like Carrie is now) we will be able to camp with ease. By some miracle (I think they were just totally worn out) Matt and I got all four kids to lay down and go to sleep in the tent, and we spent a long time just sitting outside enjoying the moonlight streaming down through the pine trees.

Here are Matt and Beth heading off on their fishing adventure.