Thursday, April 29, 2010

1st grade and kindy

This is what I am going to get for next year. Next year as in January of 2011....I started Beth's kindergarten year in January of this year so I guess we are on our own wacky schedule!

Beth and Matt will do Sonlight Core K together. I'm getting the four day schedule with just the core, the Science program, and the Bible program.

For Math and Language Arts we are sticking with McRuffy, which is what Beth is using right now. I've been very happy with their program, although it's pretty cut and dry. It's good for teaching the basics I think and doesn't take much planning time. Beth and Matt like it too! Anyway, Matt will be doing Math and LA at the Kindergarten level. I can actually reuse most of what I got for Beth, and will only have to purchase a few new workbooks for him. Bethie will continue on with their Grade 1 programs.

Now I just have to show Matt the total price for next year. Scary, lol. BUT...all I have to do is mention the cost of private schools and his eyes start to glaze over and he tells me to get whatever we need.


Julka said...

Are you homeschooling the kids, or just through kindergarten?

Michelle said...

We really enjoyed McRuffy Math this year. The LA ended up not working for us. It just moved to fast for my DD. I think if we had started with McRuffy K LA it might have been different though.