Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Matt

My only son is five years old. *Sniff Sniff* We are done having baby boys in our home I guess. Matt the "big boy" is just as cute and fun though, and he certainly keeps us on our toes.


These days he loves animals, monster trucks (especially Grave Digger, which his daddy took him to see), computers and anything electronic, riding his bike (every day!), and his family. He is clearly the favorite sibling of all three girls. He is quick to share, always has a smile for the baby, and is not above playing Tinkerbelle, kitty cats, or any number of games the girls concoct. He always plays the dad...the kitten dad, the fairy dad, the princess dad (the king? hmm...)


His birthday started off with a morning at preschool, complete with a dozen cupcakes with blue icing and rainbow sprinkles. Carrie is in his class as well, so she was able to join in the festivities. Next I took him for a much needed haircut on the base. He loves getting his haircut, so that made for a fun birthday outing. We also visited the library. At each place we visited he managed to tell approximately ten people that it was in fact his birthday.

At home he had a small party with our family and three little boys from down the street. I set up some arts and crafts...which they did not care about. Instead they ate piles of cake, ice cream, and freshly cut watermelon before getting out every toy we own. I gave them free run of the place for about an hour, and then sent them all outside to play.

His birthday ended with a late night t-ball game for he and Beth's team. Big Matt took them to it since it started at 7:15 and was really too late for the baby girls. He said they played very well, and Matt had his team sing him "Happy Birthday."

Our next family birthday will be in June when little Miss Katy Ann turns one.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This is a little too much for me - I think I might need to pack up and move back to Connecticut.

I was doing the dishes this morning when I heard Katy making a strange sound in the living room. I looked over and she had what appeared to be a live black snake - IN HER MOUTH! I screamed and about hit the roof. The little guy turned out to be a lizard, and he made a break for it before I could get to him. I chased him around with a cup for a while, but he finally scurried under the couch, and that was the last I saw of him. At least for now. I know he is still camping in my living room.

The cats didn't even wake up during all this activity. I think I may need to start feeding them less. They're worthless, I tell you! After nine years of vets bills and daily care, I think the least they could do is provide us with a little pest control.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's official....

We are turning into very uncool parents. Yes, we do have matching t-ball shirts. And no, we are not even the coaches. Mine says "Beth's Mom" of course. Beth and Matt at least think they are pretty awesome. I guess we need a new family picture! Haha.


The Early Days

I came across this little video clip this week. I filmed it last fall when Katy was just a few months old and Beth was just starting school. I don't even remember taking it, which just goes to show how tired I wss that fall. Look how little and cute they all were though! Matt and I laughed so hard when we watched this.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dirt Princess

Who wouldn't want to wear a tutu for some good ol' outdoor fun? These poor kiddos have been playing out back all morning while I try to "budget" for the month, with the knowledge that the military will not be able pay my hubby for an indefinite amount of time. It's so stressful...I'm glad I have these little people to make me smile.


Family Life

Big Sis and Little Sis waiting for that early morning bus.

Watching after our "foster doggy." And no...he is not supposed to be on my couch!

A much needed nap for Daddy and his littlest one. Photobucket

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love This...

"A Mississippi childhood bestows unique gifts upon its own. The most fortunate of children take from it the stuff of legend - generations of deeply rooted family ties, the space and time for contemplation, a connected community, an awareness and an awe of the natural world, the scars left behind of a conflicted history, the blessing of a rich soil, the curse of an unequal bounty, and a deep and abiding faith in a power greater than themselves. Coming from this exotic mixture, a child is marked by influences both within and without himself or herself." - Judy Tucker

Monday, April 4, 2011

This is why we have four kids isn't because I enjoy spending every red cent I have at the grocery store! It's because there is just nothing like watching the bond between siblings. I am so thankful, that despite our frequent moves, my kids will always have companionship as the grow up together. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's that time of year again....

Everyday it seems like the mailman brings me a new catalog full of homeschool curriculum. What can I say? I love them all! It is just so hard to decide. I was going to use K12, which is a digital school, because it is considered a public charter school (aka free) in Washington D.C. I think it might be worth a try since it would definitely be the lowest cost option, and the curriculum does look very thorough. Under closer examination it might just be TOO thorough though. It looks like it will take each kid about six hours a day to complete. I think six hours is a crazy long time for a five and a six year old to do schoolwork. The only reason public school lasts so long is that it also includes lunch, recess, bathroom breaks, and lots of wait time. I don't think a child being homeschooled in the early grades should need that long. Plus Beth and Matt would be studying totally different lessons, and with them being only a year apart I would rather group them. Not to mention I have two little girls who need my time and attention too. Sooo....I am back to reading through each catalog longingly. I wish I could see some of these programs in person. On top of my curriculum confusion, we haven't even ruled out giving the public school a try when we move this fall. I have had several people tell me very good things about it, so it is tempting to at least try it. Ahh...I hate having this much up in the air! Matt thinks I should homeschool them, but he is leaving the final decision up to me. As for the curriculum? That is totally up to me. We discuss it, but in the end I am the one who has the teaching background and has done all the research.

Our frontrunners for the coming year are:

Five in a Row - (We did last year, this kids loved it, but it would require me to add in at least math and language arts)

Sonlight....I am always tempted to buy it. Literature and history are my two great loves I think. It is expensive though. And more importantly I think I would have to bulk it up a lot to make it appropriate for Beth. She is what I would consider an average student. She brings home A's (yes they have grades in kindergarten here - crazy!) but is right on grade level. Despite that fact the Grade 1 readers for Sonlight would be way way too easy for her. That makes me wonder if the rest of the program has enough academic strength to it.

Tapestry of Grace. This one reminds me of Sonlight, but there seems to be a lot more prep work involved. I'm not sure I want to attempt it with four little kids, but I totally would if they were just a few years older.

Winter's Promise. Yet another literature/based program. Are you seeing a pattern here?

For Language Arts and Math we will most likely continue on with McRuffy. The kids did well with that this year. I also may add some kind of science program. When I start adding up totals for all these things it just gets ridiculous. See why I'm tempted to at least try to free digital school? On the other hand it is still a heck of a lot cheaper than private school.