Friday, January 1, 2010

The last decade...

Happy New Year!!!! I can't believe it has already been 10 years since we rung in 2000. Here's a little flashback of how our family has evolved.

2000 - We were still in high school! I was a sophmore at Fike, and I was on the swim team and played the flute in the band.

2001 - I was still in high school and Matt graduated from Beddingfield that year. By the end of the summer we were dating and he was off to Ft. Sill, OK to begin his Army training. Of course September 11 shocked us all, and drastically changed the way his time in the Army played out.

2002 - I graduated from high school, started college, married Matt, and headed off to our new home at Ft. Bragg, NC. We adopted our kitties Romeo and Juliet, and within a few weeks he was off to Afghanistan.

2003 - Matt came home from Afghanistan, but only to repack his bags and head to Iraq.

2004 - Matt came home, got out of the Army, joined the Coast Guard,and we headed to our new home in Cape Canaveral, FL. We picked up our third kitty Jack along the way, and were also expecting our first child.

2005 - Beth was born in sunny Florida! I was also expecting baby #2 by year's end. Matt was gone a lot that year, but life was great on the beach in Florida. We lived in Air Force housing, and had lots of friends, beautiful weather, and just an awesome time.

2006 - Matt went up to Yorktown, VA for a CG school. When he flew home in March, it was to collect me, Beth, and the three cats and make the 25 hour drive up to our new home in Groton, CT. We moved into Navy housing when we arrived, and a few weeks later Matthew was born.

2007 - I went back to college in January and the kids started at the CDC (the CG's daycare center.) We lost our first kitty Juliet to cancer this year. :( By the end of the year we were expecting Carrie!

2008 - Carrie was born on my Grandfather's birthday of January 30th. I stayed home with her for seven months, and then headed back to college while she joined her brother and sister at the CDC. The week Carrie was born we also had to move to a new house (ugh!) due to housing least the new one was very nice.

2009 - I graduated from college!! We lost our kitty Jack in September, so on Christmas Eve we brought home a new baby kitten named Eric. I feel like we are onto our second generation of cats. At nine, Romeo is the last of the old guys. He's looking good and I hope to have him for many more years. Beth is 4, Matt is 3, and Carrie is 1, and they are all coming up on birthdays. We are also waiting for our new pcs orders, which will take us to a new base in summer 2010.