Friday, December 14, 2012

What a Day....

Like most people, my day was interrupted by the horrible news coming out of Connecticut. Connecticut was our home for about five years, although we lived about an hour and a half from Newtown. Regardless of location, the whole event is just unfathomable. These were children. And educators. When I heard the news I just cried. And then I thought of how my husband I stayed up late last night to lovingly wrap the presents we had bought for our children and place them under our tree. How many parents in Connecticut did the same? And now their little ones won't be there this Christmas.

I felt the need to just spend the rest of the day enjoying my family. We cuddled up with a movie and then Beth and Matt made these Rice Krispie treat houses. I'm not sure if they look like houses at all, but the kids had fun. The kids did hear the news, and I've struggled with what to tell them. There just is no explanation. They have been raised on military bases, so they are no stranger to loss, but this is different.

Give your kids an extra hug tonight, I know I will be doing just that.


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