Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Concert

Beth and Matt sang in the Christmas service at church today. They actually sang in all three services - at 9, 11, and 5. Being the crazy doting mother I am, I attended all three. The kids were all super cute. It was just a really good program in general, complete with singing, an orchestra, a hand bell choir, and a skit. Not to mention the delicious cookies and punch that followed. Now if this crazy weather would just cool down a bit I would REALLY feel like the Christmas season has arrived. I guess cool weather or not I better get on the ball. The decorations are all up, and I've done most of the kids' shopping. I haven't done any wrapping though, and I still need to shop for our other relatives. My wonderful MOPS groups is hosting a party for the kids tomorrow afternoon (for three full hours!) so I am going to try to squeeze in as much Christmas shopping as I can during that time. Maybe even some wrapping.

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