Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Colin Powell

The kids and I had the pleasure of meeting General Colin Powell this morning. We were #5 in line and waited two hours for his arrival. In the interest of time, the book signing staff said no pictures, no handshakes, no personalizations, no ...nothing. Just have your book ready, get your signature, and go. When we walked up little Matt Matt held out his hand and said "Hello General, my name is Matthew Tyson." General Powell said "Give me those kids" and asked if I had my camera. Just a very nice man. A friend of mine even got a picture of him kissing her baby. Photobucket

Here is what we looked like waiting in line. The people in line near me seemed shocked that I expected the kids to stand there two hours. Or maybe they were just sorry they had to wait next to two year old Katy, lol. I was thinking....My kids have been raised on military bases. This is what we do. We go places and we wait. And then we wait some more. Two hours in a heated building? Please. The big ones sat on the floor and did their English and Math and Katy colored in her Elmo book. Miss Carrie was in preschool during this particular adventure.


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