Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Computer

This blog has given me so much trouble, but now that my husband has pieced together a new computer I am going to try again.

All is going well here in the Tyson household. We are finishing up our first semester of homeschooling and preparing for the holidays. Homeschooling is going okay. I have a  bad habit of canceling school when the weather is nice. Or when I can think of something better to do. And trust me....there is almost always something better to do here in DC. I am the queen of field trips. Perhaps I will be more on task after Christmas. Somehow I doubt it, but we'll see. The kids are both excellent readers, and I do math with them most days, so that's something. They also learned the Morse code and a little Latin this semester. And we spent countless hours out in nature as well as exploring our nation's capitol. Precious times.

We finally bought a new van, which is what has enabled me to take them here, there, and everywhere. It's nice, but that car payment is a killer. It makes me miss my old (long since paid off) van. Sometimes I feel like I should go back to work and help out, but I just feel so strongly that I am needed here at home right now. Back to clipping the coupons I guess! Being a stay at home mom is not always easy. I'm not one of those super crafty, make everything from scratch, and sell things on etsy type moms either. I'm happy with the kids are clean and safe, fed, the house is reasonably clean, and I got everyone to where they needed to go. And that seems like a very big task most days.

Katy is still quite the two year old tornado, but she is talking now, so that has been fun. Next on the horizon: potty training! She is showing zero interest, but one day soon she'll get there, right? I'm kind of excited that once she is trained that is IT. No more diapers unless I'm babysitting or working in the church nursery or something. I've had little ones in diapers for almost eight years straight...and a lot of those years had more than one in them. Santa Claus is bringing her a little tricycle this year, and I just can't believe how fast she is growing up.

Caroline is coming up on five! My insurance has yet to pick up her speech therapy, and I can't understand much of anything she says. Frustrating...for both of us I'm sure. The school system here is terrible, and it leaves me wondering if we should move so she can get services through the public schools next year. However, our insurance SHOULD pick up her private therapy, it's just being a pain. We've been working on this since she was two. First she was delayed, but not delayed enough, and now it's just a matter of red tape. I am on the case though! Other than that she is doing very well. We do have her in her on base preschool again this year, and she has made lots of friends and really enjoys it. She also takes dance lessons and is one cute little ballerina. When she's at home she enjoys digging holes in the yard. A new kid moved in across the street who also enjoys digging holes in the yard - a match made in heaven I tell you!

Matt Matt is 6 1/2 and is all boy. He's into cars, Nerf guns, and GI Joes. He is also the sweetest of my kids, and the first to help with his little sisters. He's just a lover. He's learning his times tables and doing second grade English, but he just wants to finish as quick as he can and head outside. He dislikes shoes and coats...and yes it is winter. This boy apparently has some redneck in him even though he was born way up in Connecticut.

My Beth girl is almost eight. Wow! She reads everything she can get her hands on and loves animals and art. I got her a pet bunny and mouse this year. Unfortunately after about six months with the mouse one of the little girls squeezed it too tight and it died. It was a pretty sad day here...she cried and cried, and so did I. I guess we will hold off on more tiny animals until everyone is over five. The bunny on the other hand is doing quite well. He's a bit of a jerk...I am not sure they are good pets at all. Beth loves him though, and so I have no doubt I am stuck with him for the next ten years! I got him fixed, so he doesn't bite us anymore, but he has eaten four holes in my carpet. Ugh. He hops in Beth's lap and lets her read to him, so she will defend him to the end I think.

Here are my little turkeys. Beth, Matt, and Carrie went to a USO party for children....the highlight of their year I think. And Katy is trying out my first attempt at cake pops - they were good!



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