Saturday, December 22, 2012

We're Moving!

We are moving off of the Air Force base. What am I going to do with myself? No Taps to put my babies to bed? We've lived in military housing for ten years straight. One Army house, three Air Force houses, and two Navy houses. I love living on base. Most of the time anyway. However, our BAH has gotten crazy high here in the DC area. It has gone up $800 in the last year and a half. The way housing works is that you pay them 100% of your BAH, whatever the amount happens to be. If you live off base you can spend less and pocket the difference, or pay more and pay out of pocket. We just really reached the point where our little duplex did not seem worth the full amount at all. Especially with the issues we've had with the base in general, the biggest being that they won't let my Coast Guard kiddos enroll in their on base PUBLIC Air Force school. Even though we have really come to enjoy homeschooling that just really rubs me the wrong way.

Yesterday we went and toured a little rental  home about thirty minutes away. I loved it before we even pulled up to the address. I loved the drive out of the city, all the farms we passed, the little town along the Chesapeake, and the quiet neighborhood. When we did arrive, I found the home was so much nicer and more spacious than I had expected. It has three BIG bedrooms, as well as a nice fenced yard and deck. And it is just a block from the bay!

We don't have anything in writing yet, but have come to kind of a verbal agreement. If everyone goes as planned we should be headed to the new house in February. I'm sad to be going, but yet happy to make a fresh start. It feels like best next step for our family. It's a two year lease, which is how long we have left in DC. We can always run back to the comfort zone of the military base after that if we want.

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