Friday, December 7, 2012

No More Preschool

I had to pull Carrie out of preschool this week. I hated it, but the traffic to get to the school has just become insane. Welcome to DC I guess... I just feel like it's not fair for my other three kids to spend 2+ hours three mornings a week driving to and from preschool. Before you think I'm totally crazy, let me point out that the school is all of about fifteen miles away. Lately though it is always something...road work, a wreck, rain causing unusual congestion. You have to put in two weeks notice, so she will get to finish the rest of December and go to the Christmas party and bowling field trip. I'm glad for that anyway. I'm sure I can handle a few more weeks of traffic for my baby girl. If she was my old child I would have no issues with her staying the whole year. It's hard with four though. Some days it feels like a constant struggle to balance everyone's needs. I'm still learning what I can and can't pull off.

So now I get to add another little one to my homeschool. Carrie was already joining us for a little work now and then, but with her being home full time I'd like to do more. She'll be five in January, and I know at this age Beth and Matt were really doing kindergarten level work. I don't see Carrie being ready for all that though. I'm thinking more along the lines of a "letter of the week" program and some extra crafts. Katy is 2 1/2 and she will probably be able to join in.

This is Carrie...she does tricks. :)

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