Thursday, July 1, 2010


Am I the only one who totally forgets how much sleep deprivation sucks in between babies? I'm one tired mama today! And it's been all of one night. Only what?? Maybe six more months to go! Really though she did very well. We are just out of practice. Matt and I BOTH got out of bed every time she whimpered I think...she is one pampered little princess.

In other news Beth and Matt got their own rooms last night. They have shared for like 2 1/2 years and I really liked that arrangement. They had a great big room with a big closet, and it was just a nice set-up. The last few weeks though they have been been playing and carrying on every single night, and it was just wearing me out. We really tried everything, but nothing we did seemed to convince them they should stop running around the room and go to sleep anytime before 10pm...or even later. So, last night we did a switchero. Matt kept the big bedroom, and I moved Beth into the small bedroom that used to be a playroom at the front of the house. Her room really looks cute. She has her twin bed, a small nightstand, her dresser, and a set of colored cubbies. It's a lot smaller than the other room, but now that she's all moved in it seems just right. Matt meanwhile looks like he is living in a studio apartment down the hall, lol. I moved the train table and several other large toys in with him. I think the biggest issue with the move is going to be that I now have toys in all three bedrooms. I really didn't mind if the playroom stayed messy for a few days...I'd just shut the door when people came over. I can't let EVERY room look like that though. Beth and Matt are getting pretty good about picking up and making their beds though. I think as long as I stay on them about it they'll do okay. As for last night, Matt went straight to sleep. Meanwhile I caught Beth trying to sneak down the hall and back into his room two times. I guess we know who the instigator was now! After the second time she did stay in her room and go to sleep. It made for a much more peaceful evening for us all. Now eventually someone will have to share again, now that we have more kids than rooms. Maybe we'll put Carrie and Katy together. I think this arrangement is going to work well for now though!


Mama Teaching 2 said...

I have to wonder had a high emotion time just getting her through those weeks in the hospital and then home...I think the exhaustion just weighed on you once you got her home and then you are so concerned about her you were up every time. I bet it gets better! Well, somewhat. HA HA.

My boys share a room...they do the same thing.

Manda said...

Crap. Now I want a new baby. You have to quit so I can quit, and then Lori can quit.

Handsfullmom said...

That sleep deprivation can really get to you! I'm amazed your husband wakes up with the baby; my husband could sleep through a train wreck!

I hope the new bedrooms work out for you. We have my twins and their three-year-old sister in one room and if it gets crazy we separate them to fall asleep; one on my bed, one on the couch and one in their room. Of course, then we have to move them once they're asleep, but lots less partying happens at night when we do that.