Monday, July 19, 2010

Beach day!

After moving to Connecticut from Florida I was shocked at what people here even considered a "beach." They will seriously sit in bumper to bumper traffic for hours and hours, pay $30 for a parking spot, all to find a tiny patch of rocky beach to claim for the day. It really made me miss the endless white sand beaches of Florida and North Carolina....and the public parking! Over the past few years though we've found several really nice places to go in the summer. What Connecticut does have is a fabulous state park system. Some are free, some have a small parking fee, and all are very nice. We've even found a few little spots that aren't as busy. That's perfect for us....I don't do crowds with four little kids in tow. And I've come to find that the New England coast really has it's own charm. My kids love climbing on the big rocks, collecting the small ones, and even catching crabs with just a bucket.

Here's Bethie doing a little math on the coast! I do search out the sandy spots for her because she loves writing in them so much.

And some art as well... This was supposed to be a picture of all three kids, but you can see that I had minimal cooperation.

And my little tiny one. :)


Julia said...

It looks like they were having a great time lol!

Julka said...

Aww, great pictures!

Michelle said...

What beach was that? I've lived here my whole life and have yet to find a decent beach. LOL