Friday, July 2, 2010

All settled in

Night two went pretty well. I crashed at like 9:30, Matt gave her a bottle of expressed milk about midnight, and then she didn't get up to nurse again till about 3:30. So six hours of sleep for me....I'll take it! Of course once she got up at 3:30 she was up for the day. I was pretty sad when I saw the sun coming up and realized that the night had indeed ended. Sure enough the big kids soon joined us.

Beth and Matt are also doing really well in their new rooms. I held out on having them share for so long, but now I am really glad we made the switch. Matt came out once and said he was lonely :( but then slept okay.

This is Beth's room...a lot of the art projects on the wall are left over from when this was their playroom. I'm not quite done getting things set up for her, but we're getting there.

And here is Matt's looks so big with just one bed in there! He and Beth's beds turn into bunkbeds, and I always thought we'd have two little boys to use them one of these days.

I know there are a lot of white walls, but we live in military quarters, and I'm not sure I am up for having to repaint everything each time we move.

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Julia said...

Sounds like everyone is settling in well. The rooms look great!