Monday, July 26, 2010

A new week...


Wow, this summer is just flying by! The kids are busy with camp, I'm busy with little Katy, and we are all enjoying getting outside when we can. We had a wonderful day in the 80's today...such an improvement over last week's 100 degree days.

This past week Beth and Matt went to vacation bible school with the little boys next door. Our home church is kind of small and doesn't do anything like that, s0 I was glad they had a chance to go to this church. I was really impressed...everyone there did such a nice job working with the kids. It was obvious they had been planning and working for many months. Little Matt had some trouble, the wiggle worm that he his, but I sent him three of the nights anyway because he just wanted to go so bad. We gave him his own little Bible and he was so proud to carry it around. He did a super job memorizing his verses too. Beth knew hers every night, but Matt is the one who can still remember all of them a week later. I just wish he could sit still longer. He's only 4 1/2, I'm hoping it comes with time. Miss Beth went all five nights, and one of the nights she won "Diver of the Day" which goes to a child from each class who has done a good job that night. She was so excited to get called up during the closing ceremony. Then on the last day they put all the previous winners' names in a hat for a big drawing and she won that too. What a lucky kid! She was smiling ear to ear...her teacher had to go up to help her carry all her prizes. She got a great big stuffed frog and a whole backpack full of water toys. She shared everything with Matt since those two are two peas in a pod, and that was the big excitement of their weekend!

Well, we have two big trips coming up in the next two months and I'm sooo not ready. First we are going to the Virginia mountains for a week in August. I am excited about that. I just am worried about surviving the drive! Beth is fine, but Matt gets car sick, Carrie is like half potty trained, and Katy thinks she needs to nurse every thirty minutes. Then in September my BIL is getting married so we are down to North Carolina for that. Those are both about 14-15 hour drives...the one to NC is worse with more busy roads and traffic. I wouldn't normally do two trips so close together, but the mountain trip is our yearly family vacation (which we sooo need - I can't wait!) and then we will really feel like we should be at the wedding. We'll get to see some family we haven't seen in several years too, so that will be nice.

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