Friday, July 9, 2010 with four kids at home is sure turning out to be exhausting. Katy is a good baby, things are just hectic right now. Going from two to three kids was so easy for us, so I kind of expected a repeat of that, but I'm finding four pretty crazy! I did the breakfast dishes at 5pm last night and counted it a success, lol.

I'm so glad I decided to send Beth and Matt to camp this year. It's hard to get outside with them myself since the temperatures have been so high and I don't want Katy to get overheated. I know they have a few fun hours each morning now though to play games, spend time with their friends, and just burn some energy. Next week they are going on a field trip to the beach...they're so excited! Matt and I were hoping to take a family trip to the lake tomorrow, but now they are calling for thunderstorms. Go's been hot and dry everyday this week. Maybe we'll get lucky with a few clear hours in the morning..

Here's Miss Katy and her only sibling who is jealous of the new baby - Romeo!
Matt says every time he picks her up she licks his chest a few times and then cries. So disappointing, lol. As you can see though she will still settle in for a good snuggle with Daddy after a few minutes. What she will NOT do is settle anywhere other than in one of our arms. She does like being in the sling, which makes it possible to get at least some stuff done around here. I took her out in it yesterday though and I thought she was going to just seemed way too hot to have her all wrapped up like that. I am rethinking this summer baby that I wanted so much...I think April (Matt's birthday) was a better time for a new baby.'s just this year I have to worry about. Next summer, and every summer after, we can have a fun outdoor birthday party for her. I'm thinking Popsicles and doesn't get easier than that!


Mama Teaching 2 said...

Yep, I think in the years to come our summer babies will be so worth it! She is so tiny!

Michelle said...

Adding an new baby can really shake things up! *hugs* I thinking getting to the breakfast dishes at all is huge. LOL. Glad the bigger kids are enjoying camp. It sounds fun!

Handsfullmom said...

That last picture is SO cool -- there's something so funny about that HUGE cat next to that precious little baby on your husband's lap.