Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another summer week....

Big Matt has been pretty busy with work and his night class so I've had lots of time with just the kiddos. With the exception of one very ill fated trip to the commissary everything went pretty well.

Matt and Beth had another fun week of camp. They took field trips to the park, to a library program, and to the beach. On beach day I tagged along with the little girls for about an hour, and Carrie had a big time playing in the sand. I was hoping to go back as a family today but Matt got called into work. We'll have to go soon....the weather forecast for the whole week looks great!

At home we did some coloring, some work book pages, and some crafts.


I am thoroughly enjoying staying in the air conditioning myself. The weather has been crazy humid this year, especially considering that we live in Connecticut. The big kids of course want none of that though - they want to be outside whenever they can!

We also hit up the annual block party this week.
There was tons of junk food (which the kids fully enjoyed,) a dunking booth, bumper cars, a train ride, and lots of different booths set-up. Beth took a turn at the dunking booth and knocked the lady in the first try. I was impressed! She really has had a good arm since she was a baby...maybe she'll play softball in a few more years.

Little Miss Katy spent her week getting lots of snuggles and resisting any attempts to lay her down at anytime. :P

I can't believe July is half over! We'll be gearing up to start school in again before we know it.

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

Cute! Your a super mama! Be sure to calm me down when I lose it with just three. :)

That baby is so teenie in his arms.