Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Second Thanksgiving

It sure feels that way in any case! I've been cooking all day, and we're going to send to a yummy turkey dinner after Matt gets home from work. These colder days just make me want to cook, bake....and eat. I better make sure I get some exercise in there as well. The kids and I did get out for a long time this afternoon. It's kind of a pain, because they all need coats, gloves, and mittens now. And only one of them can put all those things on themselves. I was really glad I said "yes" to outside time today though. It was not as cold as I had expected and the kids just had so much fun. Little Katy was cracking me up too. I was wearing her in the carrier, and every time we popped in to check on the cooking she started to cry. She wanted so badly to stay out with her siblings - she knows where the action is! Beth and Matt spent their afternoon making a huge rock wall. Seriously.....they lifted and hauled rocks for at least an hour. I only wish I had their energy.

Yesterday the kids had their very last gymnastic and swim sessions. It feels strange that we will not be back for the spring sessions this year. We have been taking classes through the Rec Dept since Beth was two, and the kids have loved all of them. I promised the kids I would look into classes for them in Mississippi. I've looked a little online, but we still don't know exactly where we are going to be living. I'm also hoping to find a church where they can continue in AWANA's.

As for this week, I am really trying to stay on track and get school done with the kids all five days. We already took last week off for Thanksgiving, and I'm sure most of December and January are going to be very hectic. We started off with a bang yesterday, but then today I couldn't find our current FIAR book. I think it got packed away for the move. Seriously...that is just my luck. It was pretty funny really. I had all the kids scrambling around helping me search for it, and then at the exact same time Beth, Matt, and I looked at the big stack of boxes. And then we knew. I'm trying to decide how badly I want it back. I may very well move onto the next book, and pick that one back up later.

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