Friday, November 19, 2010

One more month!

We are down to just one more month here in Connecticut. After almost five years here, it is crazy to think about packing up and leaving it all behind. We arrived here with just Baby Beth, and are leaving with Beth, Matt, Carrie, and Baby Katy. Wow, not bad for one tour! Matt got his final orders today, and it all seems very official now. He has three more weeks of work, and then will be helping me tie up loose ends around the house before we head out. I'm kind of sad, but as the weather continues to get colder, wintering in Mississippi is sounding better and better.

In the meantime we are continuing on with school, swim lessons, gymnastics, playdates with friends, and all our usual activities. Beth is just about halfway through her kindergarten math and reading programs now. Matt is just starting his kindergarten year. Yes, I randomly started him in November. He was super jealous of Beth's work, and is really holding his own at the kindergarten level. He is just learning to write, so he can't do the written work that his sister can, but he is turning out to be quite the math and computer whiz. A stereotypical boy I guess!

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jandswood said...

Claire! I guess I missed the announcement that you were making the move! I am so happy for you all! Where have I been?? :) I got caught up on your other blog post too. My kids are in Awanas too. They LOVE it. Creed is in Sparks and Luke is in cubbies. :) Well, I hope your move goes very smoothly!!