Thursday, August 2, 2012


As summer slowly winds to a close, we have been blessed to enjoy a fantastic week of Vacation Bible School.  All four kids have been able to go with me this year, since I am working as a teacher. Beth is in the 7-9 group, Matt is in the 5-6 group, Carrie is in the 3-4 group, and little Katy is in the nursery that they have for workers. They do games and projects even in the nursery so she has really been able to be included. She's really enjoying herself too. She's been home with me her entire life, with very little time spent with babysitters or even extended family. Never the less, she only cries about 30 seconds and then goes on to enjoy the whole 2 1/2 hours. I'm working in Matt's room, so I get see a lot of him, and I'm also able to check in on the other girls as they come and go.

Our theme this year is Amazing Wonders Aviation. Since we do in fact live on an Air Force base, the chapel was able to arrange a tour of one of the hangars for the kids. We went today, and they loved it!

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