Saturday, August 4, 2012

Daily Events

I just want to jot these down so I won't forget them. These kids are changing so fast, and keep me laughing for sure.

Katy had a horrible experience this morning. Her Mommy tried to make her wear something that was NOT her Elmo t-shirt, even though she had been very clear on the fact that she wanted to wear Elmo again. Her ten minute tantrum totally paid off as I dug through the clean laundry baskets and produced the shirt in question. It's very hard to be two!

Matt has taught himself to read upside down so his little sisters can look at the pictures while he reads. I think that is pretty amazing for a six year old. The girls now greatly prefer him to Beth, who insists on reading the entire page (no matter how long) before turning it around for them to have a quick look. Matt and I also had a long talk about why his daddy has to work weekends and holidays. The military closes....well never. If it's not his daddy it is someone else...they have to take turns.

All Beth wants for Chirstmas (okay...Labor Day?) is her two front teeth! Yes, the second one came out last night. This is the fourth tooth she's lost. For the first three I placed a dollar coin under her pillow. She loves those golden coins. I only had three though, and we've been unable to find a bank that will exchange currency for us without us having an account. Our bank doesn't have a local branch. So, Big Matt and I talked about it, he said he would find something for her, and then I went to bed. I should have stayed up...that man can't remember anything. After ten years of marriage I should know that too, so I rushed into Beth's room this morning first thing, and sure enough her tooth was still there. The other three kids were already awake, so it's pure luck I made it in time. I'm not ready for the "tooth fairy" thig to fall apart on year one of the first kid! I slipped two chocolate coins under her pillow, and she seemed pleased with that. She said it was because the tooth fairy knew she had been reading "Silverlicious."

Little Miss Carrie remains my glass-half-empty kid. Her compaint for the day is that Beth and Matt are going to a party on base that is for kids five and up. I reminded her that she gets to do many special things that they don't as well, such as her parties at preschool. I said "You even had an Easter Egg hunt at one else got to do that!" And she said "Well.....some kids found eggs than me." Whine, whine, whine. That kid has got middle child syndrome in the worst way. Even though we have four, Matt and Beth are very close in age and get to do all kinds of big kid stuff. And then Katy is very much the baby.  I signed her up for another year of preschool, even though it is going to a pain to get her over there. It's twenty minutes away, and I'm homeschooling the older kids, so they'll all have to ride along. It's only three mornings a week though, and I think it will be really good for her. She loved it last year, and I think she does need something special just for her. A place where she is not only the little sister all the time, but is just known as Carrie.

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