Saturday, October 16, 2010


I think I can finally say fall is here! Connecticut is always jumpy with the season changes. Sometime in September we'll need to get the coats out, and then the next day it will be 90 degrees! It sure makes dressing the kids a's all about layers yet. Today is down right chilly though. I think we have worn our shorts for the last time this year.

We spent our crisp fall day out apple picking. It's been one of our favorite things about New England, and I will sure miss it. The kids also gathered an assortment of colorful gourds, pumpkins, and mums. As for Mom and Dad....we went in search of the hard cider!

We have just eight more weeks in Connecticut! I feel like the countdown is definitely on. It's been a while since we've done a full fledged military move, and there are just so many details to take care of. Why they make this so confusing I have no idea. You would think that the military would be THE experts on orchestrating moves, you know? Oh well, come hell or high water, we will be arriving in Mississippi in two more months! I just hope we have a place to live. Even a nice hotel room will do. One that takes four kids and two cats, lol.

School is going well. Beth and Matt are like little sponges. I am so glad, since I frequently feel like I don't have enough time to sit down with them one on one. Slowly but surely though we are getting used to having our little Katy with us during the school day. I just can't believe it took four months! I have been doing quite a bit of school with each of them in the evenings too (when Daddy is home) and that has been a huge help. Beth is really starting to read on her own, and that is my main academic goal for her this year. As for Matt....he always asks me when it is going to be his turn to do school. He is so active that I was just going to wait for next year before asking him to do seat work, but he has really surprised me with what he can suddenly do now. He even taught himself how to write his name! He writes it right to left as frequently as not, but still!

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