Friday, June 25, 2010

Our week

Today is Matt's last day of leave...he has to head back to work on Monday. I thought for sure we'd have Katy home by now, but no luck there. Hopefully next week I guess... In the meantime we have been trying to keep the other kids as close to their normal routine as possible, while also juggling multiple trips to the hospital each day.

The older kids spent a morning at the children's museum this week, an afternoon at the aquarium, saw Toy Story 3, went to the splash park, and visited their sister in the hospital a few times. Matt (bless him, he's braver than me!) took all three of them to see Katy this afternoon. We were going to put Carrie down for a nap and just have the older two go, but despite us only whispering about it in the other room, Carrie cried pitifully and said "I see Katy too!" So off she spoiled little redhead! They love everything about the hospital from the parking garage, to the toys in the waiting room, to Katy's colorful bedding, to the food in the cafeteria. I'm glad someone is enjoying this! lol... When I took Beth the other day she said "We sure are lucky Katy came early! I like her so much already, and I would have been sad waiting till July to have her."

Anyway, here are a few children's museum pictures. I can't wait to have some pictures with all four kids! I don't even think it has really sunk in that we have four yet...I need to see them all together.


Mama Teaching 2 said...

That was just so precious of Beth to say! Hug her for me.

Michelle said...

I love that about not having to wait until July. LOL What museum was that?

Handsfullmom said...

Wow, what a brave woman you are tackling so many outings just after having a new baby.