Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ahh....life with a four year old boy!

I took just him with me to Target yesterday and he was so cute. He gets excited by everything he sees, but then never really asks me to buy him anything. (Unlike Beth who also gets excited, but asks for EVERYTHING!) But then we went past the bra department. And he was off like a flash! "Mom!!! Boobie things! Look at all these boobie things! Wow, look at all the colors! How come you only have white? Let's get a purple one and a pink one. When Beth gets older I'm going to buy her a present and it's going to be a pink boobie thing." Now if you know Matt you know he only has one volume, and it's LOUD. I could hear like 15 people laughing as I try to simultaneously shuffle him away from the bras, explain that buying your sister a bra for a present is a tad weird, and end the conversation.

Then this morning we went for a long walk, and I noticed that he kept staring at my middle. Finally he matter of factly said "Mom, a dot! That's probably Katy's nose." It's actually my poor belly button...which is sticking waaay out by this point.

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