Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Carrie stayed up from 12am-5am last night. It was one of those nights that you just want to end since you've lost all hope of sleep anyway. Sure enough she finally passed out just as Matt Warren was waking up. And so it began...

We actually had a really nice day though. I tool my first "big trip" out alone with all three kids. We went to the Children's Museum. Its a small place - I figured it'd be easy to keep up track of the older two and I could make a quick exit if I needed to. Everyone stopped to ask about Carrie - I guess they think she is like two days old she is so small. Beth and Matt behaved really well fort the most part, I was happy. Of course it was a pita to squeeze my big stroller through that place. And Matt and Carrie both had dirty diapers - fun times. At least Beth is potty trained. But I still have to round everyone up to take her. Between diaper changes and potty trips we had to make our way into that little bathroom four times in an hour long trip, lol. The weather was nice and so they had the outside part open as well. The kids had a blast playing with bubbles and just running around.

In other news I finally decided what I am going to do this fall. I have one year left to get my bachelor's degree. I was on the fence about going back to the college I have been attending, or commuting to a school that is cheaper and a little further away. I really wasn't happy with either choice and didn't see how we could afford the daycare either. So what I have decided is to just finish my last year online. Beth and Matt will continue to attend preschool/daycare three days a week. That will give me plenty of time to get my work done and take care of the baby. And is still a hell of a lot cheaper than sending three kids full-time! Plus Carrie will get to stay home with me for at least a year and a half now. She was so premature - she really doesn't need to be in daycare during her first RSV season. We started Matt in daycare at 8 months, and while he adjusted well, he was out sick so often those winter months it was hardly worth it. I'm sure she'll get sick some anyway, but at least I can just concentrate on her getting better and not have to stress about missing classes. After I finish my degree I hope to go into a Master's program to get my teaching certification. One thing at a time though.... I can't believe I am still in school honestly. But I guess that's what happens when you have three kids along the way. I wouldn't change a thing though..it has been quite the journey.

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