Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh Carrie

I was never seen a newborn survive on such little sleep. She literally stays up ALL night long, its nuts. I hope she outgrows this soon, I don't know how many more of these nights I can take. She is still nursing so I'm playing around with my diet some to see if something I'm eating might be upsetting her stomach. She sees the doctor next week so I'll talk to him then too. Though right now that seems so far away.

Yesterday was another beautiful spring day. I took the kids to the park twice, on a long walk, to the library, and out for ice cream. It was so nice I just didn't want to stay home. We had ice cream at Coldstone. I had never been before and it was delicious. Matt and I got some kind of cookie-dough sunday, yummy. The kids both got chocolate ice-cream with gummy bear and rainbow sprinkles. Beth did a great job eating her cone, no mess at all. Matt was another story, lol. I had to chase him around the place with a pile of napkins and a clean shirt while he screamed "more candy!!" I guess the last thing that boy needed was an extra jolt of sugar.

Tomorrow is Matt's second birthday. He is growing up so fast! We are having a little party for him at the park, the weather is supposed to be nice. I've done absolutely nothing to get ready for this party of course so I'm going to be running all over town today. Its nothing big -but I still need food, a cake, a present, balloons, and goody bags. So yeah - everything.

I might be returning to full-time stay-at-home-mom status. The big kids have been in daycare part-time since January, before that they went full-time for a year. We left them in for a number of reasons once I left school in December - so I'd have time for my OB appts and then NICU visits, because they enjoy it and are used to it, and to hold their slots so I can go back to school in the fall. Well apparently I haven't been holding their slots at all since they might be kicking Matt out in favor of a full-time child. I'm so ticked, I can't believe they'd treat him like that. We can't afford to pay for him to go full-time though when he's not. And if they keep him out I'm pulling Beth out too. Matt would be so sad watching her get dropped off and not getting to stay. Not to mention that is a lot of $ and time and trouble to get her there and back to not even get a break. Having the three of them home won't be any harder than just Matt and Carrie. In fact I miss Beth when she's at school, she's my big helper now. So we're waiting to hear if Matt can stay or not. If it doesn't work out I'll probably keep them all home this summer and then look for a new preschool for Beth in the fall.

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