Saturday, April 26, 2008

another busy week

Matt Warren turned two on the 19th! He is such a big boy...and so sweet. And sooo busy! We had a little party for him at the park with his sisters and two little friends. The weather was great and the kids had lots of fun riding in his new red wagon. Matt even pulled his friends around, he is so strong.

We also took a trip to the zoo this week - I felt pretty brave venturing so far away alone with the three kids. But they did great and we had a great time. I went ahead and bought a membership too so we can go back whenever we want now. The only bummer was that I thought it wouldn't be crowded on a weekday morning. Well its spring break there...and it was PACKED. Also it cost me $15 in gas to drive there and back. These prices are about to kill me...over $3.70 a gallon now. I've started going on the Navy base which is a bit cheaper.

In other news Carrie finally reached her due date yesterday! She is 6 pounds 2 ounces and almost three months old. She and Matt Warren both had check-ups on Wednesday and they are both totally healthy. Matt is 34 1/2 inches and 29 1/2 pounds. He's meeting all of his milestones too. Carrie doesn't do much though..she did lift up her head to look at the doc, he said she has strong neck muscles.

Matt's birthday party

Zoo Trip!

Caroline Louise

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