Monday, April 14, 2008

busy week

We've had little Carrie home for three weeks now and she is just doing great. She actually slept last night so I'm feeling great this morning. She's still a little peanut - around five pounds I think. Next week she goes in for an appointment and we'll get her weight checked then. I'm taking Matthew in for his two year check-up at the same time. They both need shots, so that should be interesting. Luckily Beth will be at preschool so I won't have to bring her too. Last time I took her when Matt was getting vaccinations she sat beside him in the car going "You're going to get shots. Its going to hurt. Boo-boos for you." His little eyes just got wider and wider, poor guy.

I can't believe Matt is going to be two years old on Saturday! It has gone by soooo fast. He is a sweet boy, very happy, and VERY active. I think he is going to be a challenge this coming year. Beth was a great two year old - my biggest issue with her has been whining. She always does what I ask, she just has to whine about it the whole time, lol. Matt on the other hand is a little terror. He's here, he's there, he's everywhere. The best thing to do with Matt is just to take him outside and let him loose. And when he is bad discipline is just about impossible. A certain look is enough to get Beth in line - a time-out breaks her little heart. Matt stands in the time-out corner dancing and saying "Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy!" At least he's resilient!

I had the idea to get him and Beth tricycles for his birthday - I thought it'd be more fun if they both got one. So we went to the toy store Saturday to pick them one out. And Beth wanted no part of a trike - she wanted a big girl bike. Which she just turned three and I think she's too small for a bike. She was a stinker and so we left with nothing. We talked it over later though and asked around to other parents and decided to go ahead and get her the bike. So Matt went out that afternoon and bought Beth her Princess bike and Matt a "Thomas the Train" tricycle. Of course I wasn't patient enough to wait for his birthday, so yesterday we put the bike together and got the kids all excited to come outside for their "surprises." When we got outside Beth ran .over and climbed right onto her bike. Things didn't go so great for poor Matt First his toddler helmet from last year didn't even come close to going on his head. So he was already in tears going "my hat, my hat." Then he got on his tricycle and it was way too big. He couldn't touch the pedals or the ground. So he just sat there and cried. Then he says "I want nother one" and tries to go for Beth's bike. And she of course yells "This is MY Princess bike!" in her nastiest voice ever. There was no way he was going to grow into this thing anytime soon either - maybe next year. And yes we tried these out in the store but in all the chaos we must have gotten confused over which one had actually fit him. So right then and there Matt loads him and the trike back in the car to go trade it in for one that fits. An hour later they're back - no tricycle. Matt says that two fit him but he fell off and hurt himself on both of them. He's just no big or old enough I guess. After the second time he started crying and asked to come back home to Mommy.

So for Matt's birthday he got to watch his sister get a new bike. ((Sigh)) Back to the drawing board! Now I really want to find something he'll love. We're having his party at a local park on Saturday so I have a few more days to figure something out.

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