Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm baaaack!

Wow, it has been a while. I have had some issues with blogger lately which resulted in a nice long break. Here I am though...I am going to give this blogging thing another shot.

Well, a lot has changed since February. The biggest thing is that we have moved. We left the Air Force base and moved into a rental about thirty minutes away. It has been a huge change for us. None of my kids have lived anywhere but on base before. We've been on five bases in the last ten years. We just had so many issues on Andrews though. The house was run down, people had no respect for our property, packs of kids and teens just roamed the base getting into trouble, and the school system wasn't good. Yes...it took a LOT to get us to actually pick up and move.

Our new house is lovely. It is right on the Chesapeake Bay. We can see the bay from our house, and can walk down to it in about half a block. There is neighborhood pier we can use. That is our favorite thing about the new place...the water access. My kids love nothing more than running down to' the water and going on "their" pier. We only have three bedrooms, but they are so big. I guess I am used to military housing. Only on base when you have a 1200 square foot four bedroom house. This house is about 2000 square feet. Little Matt is growing up, so we gave him his own room for the first time. The three girls share the other bedroom. It really is plenty big for all three of them though....I will post pictures soon. Matt's room is the same size, and seems massive with just one kids. It is painted and decorated, and I think he has about the coolest room of any kid I've ever met. He is one lucky boy!

Big change #2 is that we put Beth and Matt in public school. I was enjoying homeschooling them, but the district we live in now is fantastic, so we decided to give the local school a try. So far it is working out really well. It is just a nice small town school. The bus picks them up (even though the school is 1/2 mile away they don't have them walk because there are no sidewalks) and the driver knows them by name, jokes around with them, and keeps a close eye on them. The principal is great, I like their teachers, and the school has plenty of resources to provide "extras" like art, pe, music, and even field trips. B is still at the top of her class, but there are other kids right there with her, and they are able and willing to teach her at her level. Matthew is also doing well, and loves being out and about. He is Mr. Social!

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