Saturday, May 11, 2013

Family Day :)

Today was supposed to be another baseball day, but thanks to thunderstorms last night both games were canceled. Instead, we spent a nice morning on the couch in our pajamas watching a Harry Potter movie. We didn't get the call that the 8:30 game was canceled until we were all up and had had breakfast, but that is as far as we made it. Matt works some weekends, and most weekends we are busy, so it was nice just having a morning to relax and hang out together.

After lunch we rode into town for a "Pet Expo" a local kennel was having. And I use the word "kennel" loosely. I really mean a hotel for pets that is nicer than any hotel for people that we stay at. It is PLUSH. I'm sure we will just stick with paying a sitter to come feed our kitties once a day when we are out of town. In any case, the expo was a lot of fun. They had dogs performing tricks, police dogs, a kids' area with crafts, plus all kinds of pet rescues. The kids bonded with a very sweet little black puppy, who was wearing an "Adopt Me" bandanna. They loved him, and he loved them too. I can totally see an energetic puppy fitting in around here in the Tyson zoo. In a rare example of self control I didn't bring a puppy home though. We certainly have enough pets as it is. And this little boy looked like he was a pit bull mix, and unfortunately with Matt being in the military and current breed restrictions we just can't go there. But oh was he cute. Maybe in a few years. Eleven years of marriage and we are still a cat family. They are just so much easier. I think I need a farm. Beth has wanted to raise a goat for 4-H for years. Yes...a farm would be the ticket. Maybe once we move back to Mississippi.

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