Thursday, May 9, 2013

Class of 2026

Yes, sweet little Carrie has come to the end of her preschool years. She will embark on a new journey this fall. Carrie is a true military brat, and at age five is living in her fourth home. She takes things in stride and is just one happy girl. We have been in this area long enough for her to be able to attend two years of preschool on the Air Force base. She went two mornings a week as a three year old, and three mornings a week this past year. Both years it was the same two teachers and many of the same kids. I truly have loved her preschool experience, as has she. The kids all have grown together, attended each other's birthday parties, and stayed at each other's homes when they needed a sitter. They've said goodbye to friends who have gotten orders and welcomed new friends. They've been through deployments and remote tours, and welcomed new baby brothers and sisters. As preschool comes to a close this month, it seems that most of the class is moving on to new places. They are literally headed all over the world. Thank goodness for the Internet, as I'd love to keep track of all the friends we've made here. Miss Carrie will have two years (or should just never know!) of elementary school here in Maryland before our next set of orders come. She is very excited about her next step.

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