Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

We had kind of a crazy Easter weekend here. Big Matt had to work Saturday and Sunday, and I was sick, so we didn't even make it to church. That made me sad as a I love a good Easter service. We did go last week for Palm Sunday, so that's something at least. We managed to squeeze in all the other "usuals" at some time or another. We did Easter baskets on Friday so Matt could join us, dyed eggs earlier in the week, and had an Easter egg hunt and cook-out Sunday evening.

The kids have been on spring break for the last ten days, and I am sad to see them head back to school tomorrow. They are excited to go back though, and want to see all their friends and teachers. I'm not sure how excited they will be when I wake them up at 6:30 tomorrow morning though. We have really gotten off our schedule this past week. We weren't able to go anywhere this year, due to Matt's work schedule, but we had a lot of local adventures. I took the older three roller skating for the first time, we went swimming at an indoor pool, we went bowling, we went to the movies, we met friends at a park and had a picnic, we drove a ways to a HUGE playground in VA, we had a family game night, a movie night, and just generally enjoyed our time together.

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