Friday, April 20, 2012

The Birthday Boy!

Matthew Warren, my little Bubba, is six years old. Wow, time flies. He is such an awesome kid. He is so sweet and so smart. He wants to do be just like his dad, and loves to sport his Coast Guard hat while working with his tools in the garage. He is the best brother I've ever seen, and is Beth's partner in crime, Carrie's favorite playmate, and Katy's loyal protector and helper. He spends his afternoons riding his bike, playing baseball, and tinkering with his phone. Yes, his phone. He loves gadgets, and was lucky enough to inherit a very nice "broken" cell phone from a friend. It isn't activated, but can play games and take pictures. It's mildly concerning that my six year old is already more tech savvy than his old parents.

 I delivered two dozen cupcakes with tours of gooey icing to his kindergarten class yesterday. His teacher got me back by letting him eat four, and then sending the rest home on the school bus. I had to laugh. After baseball practice he had another cake that I had made more the family, and opened a few presents. Tomorrow is his actual birthday party, which will be a picnic at the park with friends. I just hope we have good weather. In our family we do parties every other year, and this is the year of parties. It's been a crazy few months! In off years we celebrate just as a family.


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