Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer camp...

is over! Beth and Matt had such a fun time going. They met new friends, played games, did art projects, went on field trips, and so many other cool things. I'm so glad we decided to send them, especially since I spent most of my summer taking care of my new little peanut and didn't get out as much as usual.

We now have one more week of summer vacation here at the house, and then we will be gearing up for our annual family vacation in the Virginia Mountains. I can't wait! Well, I could probably do without the 14 hour drive, but I'm trying not to think too much about that.

When we get back, I think we will take one more week off, and then start school the week of Labor Day. I am ready, and I think the kids will be too by then. I guess I have Fall on the mind because it feels like it is here already. The last two days have only had highs in the 70's and lows in the 80's - it's been great!

We are using McRuffy K for Language Arts and Math this year, as well as Five in a Row. I have my first two weeks planned out. I think we'll just see how that goes, and then plan the next few weeks. Of course any scheduling I do has to be pretty flexible with a two year old and a two month old in the house. Wish me luck, lol. Outside of school the two older kiddos are taking gymnastics and swim lessons at the Rec. I'm trying to keep it simple this year. We just have so much going on and stay busy right here at home. Not to mention our big move to Missississippi coming this December.

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