Monday, August 2, 2010

It's August!

That means we have had sweet Katy home for over a month now. She is just all kinds of cute! I have no desire for her to get any bigger at all....but of course I can tell she is already growing and will soon leave the newborn stage behind her. She's much more alert these days and is becoming a champ at holding her head up.


Life is still crazy for me, and I feel like I live for the weekends when Matt is home to lend a hand. Everything seems just perfect when there are two of us and four of them. I'm still getting used to there being four of them and one of me all week! Beth has really matured at least, and has become quite the little helper. I can't believe she is in kindergarten this year - I feel like it was just yesterday that she was my baby! Almost all my baby clothes have gone through all three girls too (and some went through Matt as well) and I can so clearly picture each of them in the little outfits I put Katy in.

Now Miss Beth is all long arms and legs, and loves to swim and bike. I think that by next summer she won't even need the floaties or training wheels. I took she and Matt swimming twice this weekend, and they are both looking really good.




Julia said...

Beautiful ♥ Katy is just so precious.. I want to cuddle her!

Julka said...

How sweet! I live for the weekends with just 2 kids, so I imagine you do even more with 4 :)