Thursday, July 9, 2009

Time for Soccer!

I signed Beth up for her very first soccer team last night. I took she and Matt with me to register and they were disappointed, they thought we were actually going to be playing soccer right then. Fortunately a trip to the park easily revived their moods. She will be playing right here in housing, and will have a game every Saturday at 9am. There goes our one day to sleep in! Not that little Matt lets up sleep in much anyway, lol. Practice for the "Munchkins," the four and five-year-olds, starts the end of August. I can't wait, I think she will really enjoy it. My brother Charlie and I always played soccer growing up. Back then you had to be five to start - probably for good reason! The four-year-olds tend to be all over the place, but they do have fun and start picking up a few facts about the game. I was told that the main goals at the Munchkin level are to teach good sportsmanship...and also to teach them not to use their hands. If you watch the video you'll see that Beth could use some work in that area!

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