Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Off the the Vet

Poor Romeo is just scratching himself all up. I think he either has ear mites or an infection of some sort. It's just in one ear, and he's strictly an indoor cat so I don't know how he would get mites really. At least today is pay day....easy come easy go I guess. I feel like we have the worst luck with pet health. Poor Juliet had bladder stones and then spinal cancer...two years later Beth still frequently ask where she is and why the doctor couldn't make her better. Jack JUST had unrinary crystals and needed several vet visits plus a new prescription food - $$$. So I guess Romeo is really the healthiest out of the bunch! Well, except for the morbid obesity. What can I say? All diet attempts have been failures - for me and him! Now I see why Big Matt scurried Beth and I out of Pets' Mart and away from the kitten cages! We need another cat like I need a hole in the head. But, look how cute they are! Despite the expense, and the work, and the difficulty when we travel and move I know that we will always have pets.

Here is my sick boy Romeo...he looks pretty comfy in any case!

And as you can tell, he is great with the kids!

Here is handsome Jack...he is just a tad older than Beth

And finally, our beautiful Angel-Kitty Juliet.

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