Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sweet Child of Mine...

Here it is - Carrie's completed Baby Book! Wow, I guess that official means she is on to toddlerhood. There's more to it than this, but these pages give a little peek into how much she has grown and changed.

I must say these baby books get a little harder with each child. I was so excited to start Beth's, and I faithfully recorded her milestones each month. With Matt I was a little behind, but I managed to pretty much keep things together. With Carrie I really had to go back and fill in most of it after the fact. Thank goodness we took a lot of pictures that I could refer back to! I really am glad to have a book saved for each child though. I want them to each to know their special history, and how Matt and I cherished each of them from before they were even born.

I feel lucky that my own mother kept an excellent baby book for me, which she then passed on to us when I was pregnant with Beth. I enjoyed looking through my milestones and habits and comparing them to each of our children's. I hope that one day my girls will be able to do the same. I imagine Matt Warren won't care as much, but maybe he will have a wife who will.

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