Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring is here! :)

It is the first day of May, and I hope May finally brings the warm weather. I optimistically packed up the kids' winter clothes several weeks ago, but I keep having to get them back out. After our crazy long winter, this southern girl is more than ready to move on.

This month also brings the start of baseball season. Officially they started a week or two, but we haven't had much cooperation from the weather yet. I have three kids playing on three different teams this year. I might just be crazy by the end of June. Beth is on a youth pitch 9-11 year old team. Her best friend is playing with her, and then the rest of the team (and the rest of the league) is made up of boys. Beth just turned nine, and these boys look so big to me. I am worried about my little mama, but Matt keeps telling me she will be fine. She's had one practice so far, and in fact did really well. I was proud of her holding her own out there. Her coach e-mailed me and told me she needed a bigger glove this year, so I guess that it is it for her little pink and blue glove. She didn't want to let it go at first, but when Matt brought home a new pink and black glove she was excited. Apparently pink is the key...haha. My Matthew is eight, and he is playing on a machine pitch team. His daddy is helping to coach this year, and he is excited about that. Finally, little Carrie is playing t-ball this year. She is so funny. When it was time to go to her first practice, she said "Where are we going? Is this an outside activity? Do I get to wear a special outfit?" Find you, we had already talked about where we were going AND she played t-ball last year too. Miss Katy is not old enough, so she will help me cheer from the stands

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