Sunday, March 20, 2011


The kids officially started their t-ball season this weekend. They had opening ceremonies and played in a tournament. The tournament was double elimination and they played two games. The poor little guys had a hard time! Most of the children play well in practice, but I think they were just overwhelmed when it was game time. They were excited, and fifteen different people were screaming at them to do one thing or another. Matt and Beth mostly played in the outfield. It cracked me up because the two of them, plus one other little boy, all stood about a foot away from each other. Beth looked pretty good out there though. At six, she is one of the older kids, and I think that makes a difference. She is also the only little girl! She did play one inning as the pitcher, so that was fun for her. Of course the "pitcher" in t-ball does no pitching, but they do start and end the plays. She saw a lot more action there than in left field.

Matt on the other hand was clueless. I've tried working with him, but he just doesn't get it. What can I say? He's in it for the sharp looking uniform and Capri Suns. During Friday night's game he was wearing his glove on his head when a pop fly flew right to him and landed with a plop right by his feet. He didn't notice. About five other kids ran over to get it, and THEN he decided to pick it up. After he picked it up he held onto it for a few minutes until everyone had finished rounding the bases. He is a very decisive child and needed to plan his next move carefully. During Saturday's game he actually made a pretty good hit. He got all the way to second and then stopped. When the next boy hit and ran to first he just stood on second. Then I yelled to him to run to third next time, and pointed to where third was. The coach came and talked to him and showed him where third was. When the time to run came he ran directly over the pitcher's mound and to home plate. Of course!

I think it is going to be a long season. But the kids are so freaking cute and they love it. Next year Beth will be seven (wow!) so I guess she will be able to move onto Softball.



Julia said...

Love that pic of the two of them! I had to google t-ball though because I've never heard of it before! Looks super fun!

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