Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nine Months Old

Time is just flying right by!

Katy at nine months old lives on a steady diet of breastmilk and pancakes. That is really about it. She eats a ridiculous amount of pancakes though, and has grown quite plump. She is a good little sleeper, and goes down from about 8pm to 7am every night. She'd sleep later if I didn't need to get her up and ready for the drive to Matt's preschool. She smiles often and finally spoke her first word today - mama of course. She is a mama's girl in every way. She likes smiling at her daddy, and will look for him if I say his name, but does not wish to be left with him. And she REALLY does not wish to be left in the nursery at church or anywhere else for that matter. She rolls everywhere, stands up on her hands and tip-toes (think a pyramid shape) and low crawls where she wants to go. She refuses to actually crawl, and has us wondering if she will in fact go straight to walking. She has no teeth, which is fine, because she doesn't need them for her pancake stacks.

She is very very loved.


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What a happy girl - you have the cutest blessings on this Earth, I swear.