Thursday, January 13, 2011

We're back!

We are now in our new home in Mississippi, attempting to unpack, and starting back up with our normal homeschool routine. Despite the fact that we did no school at all in December, and not that much in November either, Beth and Matt were able to pick right back up where they left off. In fact they were both really ahead of where we left off. It's funny how that works. Maybe it's just another month of age and experience that helps them out. We found a new church here, started them back up in AWANA's, and signed them up for swim lessons as well. I'm trying very hard to provide some sense of normalcy despite the big move and busy month we've had. Being in our own home with our own things that has definitely helped.

In other news, Matt and Beth both have their own computers now. They are desktops that Big Matt has got all rigged up just for them. It's so nice having a husband who is handy with computers. Little Matt especially loves computers, and is surprisingly good at operating them. I think I will start shifting a portion of their school work over to the computers.

Matt's favorite part of the new house! Excuse the mess, we are still unpacking.

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

We have the same tile! I love his fav spot. :)

Can I please have some of your get up and go?