Monday, January 3, 2011

Move - Part 2

We're in Mississippi! The second half our trip went pretty quickly and was uneventful. We decided to go ahead and drive it in one day. 834 neck was so sore by the time we arrived. The kids all were traveling well, and there was no traffic at all, so it seemed best just to push through and get there. Unfortunately the lodge on base did not have any pet rooms for us, so we went and found a room out in town. It was nice, but six people and two cats in one tiny room made for a long night. To make it worse, poor Katy stayed up coughing and crying most of the night. She just can't seem to shake this cold she's had. The next morning I decided we could not stay there because there wasn't a kitchen, and I didn't want to have to eat out three meals a day for a week or more. Too expensive and not healthy either. I started calling around, and by 9am I was driving Romeo and Eric to a kennel. The kids cried, and I miss them too. We've never had to board them before. The place seemed very nice though, and we will go and get them as soon as we can.

With our family of six, rather than eight, we were able to move onto the base and into a TLF. We are very comfortable here in our little house. It has two bedrooms, a full kitchen, even a washer and dryer. There are also sidewalks out front where Beth and Matt ride their bikes round and round. We are looking at one (permanent) house today and another tomorrow. I hope one of those will work out and we can be getting settled in soon.

So far I really like Biloxi and Keesler. It's very pretty here. The beaches aren't the white sand beaches like you see in Florida and the Carolinas, but they are nice to walk on anyway. There are many old pretty houses, nice parks, and beautiful trees. This whole area was pretty much destroyed in Katrina, and five years ago I still see many areas of damage. The base itself has been rebuilt though, and is very nice. I already hit the commissary and exchange up yesterday - they're huge!

This week is devoted to errands and getting settled in. Matt reports to his unit today, we are looking for a house, and we need to schedule the delivery of our household goods. I also need to enroll the kids in Tricare South and get their records sent over to the base. I have a church in mind that we are going to check out this coming Sunday, and I am on the hunt for new gymnastic and swim classes for Beth and Matt.


Amanda said...

What a trip! Glad you all arrived safely and are settling in. :)

Mama Teaching 3 said...

So gald your all safe and THERE!