Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy Busy

I am beat! The kids had dance and swimming today, and we also hit up the commissary. Matt spent the first half of the week down in Georgia, flew in late last night, and then went right back to work - he even had duty! I am very glad it is Friday night, and I'm looking forward to a few low key family days. I am also looking forward to payday - which isn't until next Thursday! After February March just seems hopelessly LONG. The kids had their last session of winter swimming today, and they both did very well. Matt has done much better than Beth this whole time, but she really pulled it together today and they both did about the same on their final evaluations. They have one more session of dance next week, and then we have a few weeks off. The last week of April they will pick back up with both swimming, dance, and gymnastics which will be new for them! I hope three classes aren't too crazy...but they both begged to try gymnastics, and we didn't want to drop either of the other two.

In other news I am now 24 weeks pregnant! My first goal is to make it to 28 weeks, and then I can have the baby at our local hospital instead of the dreaded Yale. I don't think she'll be here anytime soon in any case. I feel as big as a house, and even have a huge stretch mark. My first ever out of four pregnancies - how unfair, lol. I'm still very comfortable though, and am not yet having any trouble getting the kids in and out of car seats and such all day.


Matt and Carrie at the bowling ally. The shorts btw are GONE. It is cold and rainy again - last week was such a tease with the beautiful spring weather. Soon!

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