Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I can't believe how much of January has already gone by. Christmas was such fun and was over before I knew it. The kids have now settled back into preschool and homeschool, as well as their other activities. We made it through the inauguration excitement here in DC. I am embarrassed to say that I stayed home and watched in on tv, even though I live 15 minutes away. I just didn't think I could pull off taking four kids on the metro on the same day as 800,000 other people. Maybe next time.
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We are continuing to prepare for our move to the rental house. I am so excited and also so overwhelmed. It really is a nice house in a lovely area. Just the kind of place I'd like to live. Small, safe, quiet. And near the water...can't forget that part! Stay tuned for pictures next month. Or maybe the month after that. I am sure unpacking is going to be a disaster. I have already packed up quite a bit, and the more I pack the more I enjoy my current house. I do not miss the clutter one bit. I really should take the whole lot of it to the Goodwill. The kids of course do ask about their things, and I've assured them they will meet them at the new house, so I can't really do that. I have thinned the herd some at least.
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The kids all had their bi-yearly dental visit today. They love the dentist...every last one of them. My two year old sat quietly while her teeth were cleaned, and then let them take an x-ray of her bite. What kind of two year old will actually sit there with that film between their teeth? The dentist and hygienist were gushing over her, but she is the fourth in a row to be like that. It's not that they are super well behaved in general either, it's just that they love the dentist. They had been counting down the days until their visit. Crazy kids! I guess it's always been pleasant for them. I only take them to pediatric dentists, who tend to have fun offices, and they've never had any cavities. As usual their teeth were clean and cavity free today. And as usual the dentist pointed out how small their mouths were, and how much orthodontic work they are going to need down the line. It's so sad! They all have the cutest smiles right now, and perfectly straight little teeth. Those little teeth have no gaps at all though, meaning their adult teeth won't fit. Our dental insurance isn't that great either. Forget the college fund for a minute...I think we need to get to work on the dental fund!
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