Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Getting down to the wire

Beth and Matt have just three days left of school! They have had a lot of fun the last week or so with end of the year activities. They both had field day, where I ran a water relay booth. Then they had their school carnival, where they got free tickets and a free lunch for doing 100% of their homework. I was able to bring the little girls to that one, and they had fun playing games as well. Yesterday Matt had his kindergarten picnic, and spent pretty much the whole day outside eating and playing. Beth has her first grade picnic today. After that, two more days, and that will be it! Where has this year gone? We arrived in DC just days before the kids started school in August, and it has been craziness ever since. We've decided to homeschool them next year, so this will be it for a while. I'm looking forward to taking a nice long summer break, and then we'll pick up with homeschooling in late August or Early September.

Beth the bookworm in her school uniform. Quite a bit shorter than it was in August!

Kiddos at the school carnival

Matt playing at the kindergarten picnic

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Lara said...

Your family is so adorable!!!

Lara from JM