Saturday, May 5, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game....

Beth is seven, and is playing baseball for the Rangers. Matt is six, and is playing t-ball for the Red Sox. Both kids had their first game today and did very well. It was a perfect baseball and sunny. I slathered the kids with sunscreen, packed lots of water, toys for the two little girls, and off we went. This was Beth's first baseball game, now that she's aged out of t-ball, and she scored a run! I was so proud of her. She looks so tiny in her pink batting helmet with the ponytail hole in the back. She is back to being a small fish in a big pond, as her new team is  ages 7-9. I have to say that is was very cool watching the game right on the edge of the Potomac River, with the Washington Monument and the Capital Building in the background. Not to mention the National Airport, with it's constant stream of aircraft taking off and landing. I guess there is something to be said for city life after all.


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